UST Database - Help

Welcome to the Underground Storage Tank (UST) help page.  The UST form is designed to allow users to reference up to date facility information.  Simply enter your search criteria in one or more of the fields, select whether you would like to search “Active”, “Pending”, or “Pulled”,  or “Identification Number” then click the [Search] button.

After you click the search button, all facilities matching your criteria will appear in alphabetical order, by facility name, in the table below. To access the Facility and Tank information you are looking for click the “View” button at the left side of each record.   If a permit is issued then an active category one tank is existing at the facility.

The information page displays information regarding active and removed (pulled) Tanks at the facility. To request additional information that is not displayed, contact the UST Program staff by email (please include the ID# number in the subject line).  

Term Definition
Facility Name The name assigned to the facility
Facility ID

The DEC identification number assigned to the facility.  ID# numbers starting with 555, 5555, 999 or 9999 is a registration of tanks removed but the UST Form was not recorded in the land records.

Site ID# If the facility has or is undergoing corrective action, this is the Hazardous Waste Site Number.
DEC Pin# The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation tracks various permits issued by the Agency for each facility under this Pin#.  A Pin# is assigned by the DEC’s Permit Specialist located in one of the four Agency regional offices.
Address The address (if available) at which the facility resides
Town The town in which the facility is located
Permit Issued Date permit issued
Permit Starts Date permit began
Permit Expires Date the permit expires (The permit to operate the tank(s) is issued for up to five years with an annual permit fee payable.)
Tank ID Each tank at the facility is assigned this number
Compartment ID Each compartment of a tank is assigned a number. Two compartments with the same tank number equals one tank.
Tank Status

Designates whether the tank is in use (active) or not in use (pulled)

CAT Category of the tank
Capacity Holding capacity (all compartments) of the tank (gallons)
Year Installed/Removed The year in which the tank was either installed or removed. If the "Year Removed" field is blank, this indicates that the tank is still in use
Condition Reason or cause for removal of the tank
Term Definition   Term Definition
24 #2 or 4 heating fuel   GS Gasoline
56 #5 or 6 heating fuel   HO Hydraulic Oil
AV Aviation Fuel   JF Jet Fuel
AL Alcohol Blend   KR Kerosene
BD BioDiesel   LO Lube oil
CH Chemical   UO Used oil
DZ Diesel   UN Unknown
DD Dyed Diesel      
Compartment Capacity The capacity of the specific compartment in the tank (gallons)