Spills Database - Help

Welcome to the spills database help page.  The spill database form is designed to allow users to reference up to date spill information in Vermont.  Simply enter your search criteria in one or more of the fields, then click the [Search] button.

After you click the search button, all records matching your criteria will appear in alphabetical order, by facility name, in the table below. To access spill information click the “View" button located at the left side of each record.

The spill information page displays all information regarding characterization and activities with relative to the incident (definitions for attributes are provided below). To request additional information that is not displayed, contact the spill manager by email (please include the site number in the subject line).


Term Definition
Facility Name The name assigned to the facility or property in which the release has occured
Address The address, if available, at which the release has occured
Town The town in which the spill is located
Report Number The internal reference number assigned to the spill incident
Date Reported The date in which the spill occured or was discovered
Time Reported The time that the DEC recieved notification of the spill
Spill Manager

The DEC manager who is in charge of the spill

Nature of Incident

The known or suspected cause of release

Product Released The type of hazardous contaminant released
Quantity The number of units of material or product released
Unit of Measure The unit of measure that applies to the material or quantity released (ex. gallons, cubic meter, lbs. ect.)
Comments Any additional information entered by the DEC spill manager with regard to activities or information at the spill location
Actions Taken Corrective action carried out to cleanup hazardous material
Date Closed Date in which management of the spill has been completed

A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet containing all spill results may also be download by clicking on the "Export Results to Excel" link at the bottom of the page.