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On-Farm Composting

Why Compost?

Large Scale Organic Materials Composting
A manual from the North Carolina State University, oriented more toward commercial facilities.

Composting manure

Manure Management and Composting
A good look at the methods and materials used in composting manure on organic farms.

End Results of Manure Composting
Only on manure and dried manure. A very thorough look at manure as a value-added commodity for farmers.

Making Compost

Compost Systems
Photos from Washington State University


Properties of Compost Ingredients from NRAES On-farm Composting Handbook
A table which shows the possible inputs into a compost system and the quality of each.
NRAES' Raw Materials
A summary and table from NRAES On-Farm Composting Handbook describing the different characteristics to be considered: C:N ratio, moisture content, and porosity, courtesy of Cornell.

Turning piles

Compost Myths: To Turn or Not to Turn, ...
From the Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins.


Composting Dead Poultry
Methods for on-farm composting of dead poultry from the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Compost Resources

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