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Composting Resources

Organic materials, such as food scraps, make up an average of 28% of the residential waste stream and 18% of the industrial, commercial, and institutional waste stream in Vermont every year (2013 Vermont Waste Composition Study PDF). The resources found on this page can be used to help prevent organic material from becoming waste by diverting it for better uses. 


When sent to landfills, organic materials create serious environmental problems by creating methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas.  Vermont is taking steps to divert more organic materials to composting and other sustainable material management practices.

Composting produces a nutrient rich soil amendment that improves the soil's nutrient density and water retention.

Learn more about:

Home Composting

On-Site Composting


Site Design and Development Resoures: geared towards commercial composting facilities.

Compost Recipe Development & Site Management Resources: A series of resources designed to help with recipe development, pile monitoring and feedstock screening:

On-site Composting Resources: Guidance for planning and implementing food scrap diversion and on-site composting program at schools and businesses:

Find local ordinances and resources by contacting your local solid waste management entity.

Food Scrap Hauler Directory (PDF)

A list of solid waste transporters that haul food scraps that includes the towns served and contact information. ANR does not assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in this list, and listing does not constitute an endorsement. If you are a hauler of food scraps and would like to be listed, contact Josh Kelly at josh.kelly@state.vt.us.

Compost Facilities in Vermont (PDF)

A list of certified compost facilities in Vermont. 

Permitting Resources for Compost and Solid Waste Facilities in VT

Policy on Swine Feeding (PDF)

Want to divert your food scraps to feed pigs?  First familiarize yourself with Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Market's policy on swine feeding.

Food Scrap Separation at Food-Establishments (PDF)

VT Department of Health and Department of Environmental Conservation document addressing frequently asked questions about separating food scraps at food service establishments.

Universal Recycling

Universal Recycling bans recyclables, food scraps and residuals, leaf and yard debris, and clean wood from landfill disposal on a phased time line, with full implementation in effect by July 1, 2020.

Universal Recycling for Residents

Universal recycling page focused on the features of the law for residents.

Standardized Symbols for Universal Recycling

Symbols developed for recycling, food scraps, and trash material streams were developed to be used state-wide to increase consistency and convenience for Vermonters.  This are intended to be used by businesses, haulers, facilities, and any place where these materials are produced and  managed. 

Compost and Organics Resources

Find additional compost and organics resources on the Universal Recycling Resources webpage.

Vermont's official food scraps symbol

Vermont Compost Companies

These Vermont companies sell compost and/or compost technologies.

Champlain Valley Compost Company

Cookeville Compost - 802-439-5563

Green Mountain Technologies

Green Mountain Compost

Green Mountain Soil - 802-734-6920

Grow Compost

Highfields Center for Composting

Hudak Farm

Paris Farm - 802-626-3265

TAM Organics

Vermont Compost Company

Vermont Natural Ag Products

Wise Worm Compost - 802-467-3954

If your Vermont compost company sells compost and/or compost technologies but is not listed here, please contact Josh Kelly at josh.kelly@state.vt.us.

Compost Facilities in Vermont (PDF)

Some facilities in Vermont may  not sell compost and/or compost technologies but do process and  make compost.




External Resources

Compost Information Resources

DIY Compost Bin Designs

Compost designs by RRFB Nova Scotia.

Composting with Red Wigglers

Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture

Use & Application of Compost

Master Composter guidance on using compost.

Master Composter resources

Information about compost piles, equipment, methods, and references about compost from Master Composter.

Compost Use for the Establishment of Turf and Landscape

This Soil & Plant Laboratory article explains the quality parameters for compost, different feedstocks, and includes specifications for the use of yard waste incorporated into soils.

Park Design - Soil Preparation

from Park Design, Municipal Park Management and Urban Forestry by Leonard Phillips

Selecting Commercial Compost

Part of University of Minnesota's Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series

Marketing Compost Resources

NERC's resource page on marketing on-farm compost for sustainability and economic viability.

Certified Biodegradable Products Catalog

Biodegradable Products Institute's catalog of biodegradable products.


Compost Organization Resources

Highfields Center for Composting

HCC researches, educates, and provides technical services for composting and comprehensive food waste recycling programs. HCC is a resource for residents interested in home composting, businesses and haulers that manage compost and food scraps, and businesses that want to divert their food residuals and scraps for composting. HCC is non-profit organization based out of Hardwick, Vermont.

Vermont Master Compost Course

This 4-session course in an in-depth study of backyard composting, hosted by University of Vermont - Extension.

Find A Composter

A free directory of composting facilities throughout North America, created and managed by BioCycle magazine and sponsored by the Biodegradable Products Institute.  Note: This directory does not include all the certified compost facilities in Vermont.

US Composting Council

USCC is a national, non-profit trade and professional organization promoting the recycling of organic materials through composting.

Compost Business Case Studies

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has informational case studies for projects of a wide variety, including composting.

Always Something Farm, Compost Cast Study by NERC (PDF)

Rodale Institute

Rodale Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach.


Publication focused on composting, organics recycling, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy, and community sustainability.

BioCycle -February 2013 issue

Vermont's farm digester projects are considered in the February 2013 issue of BioCycle, an internationally recognized magazine that focuses on composting, renewable energy, and sustainability.


Food scrap sorting station at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier, Vermont.

Compost Publications

Compost Uses Every Homeowner Should Know (PDF)

Compost Uses for Lake Shores and River Banks (PDF)

Compost Uses for Commercial Landscapers (PDF)

Compost Uses on Construction Sites (PDF)

Compost Uses for Farmers (PDF)



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