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Waste Management Division
Grants Available


The Agency of Natural Resources issues grants to districts, alliances, and towns for the implementation of their approved Solid Waste Implementation Plans (SWIPs). The source of funds for these grants is the Solid Waste Management Assistance Fund.

SWIP Grants -Solid Waste Implementation Plan


Eligibility:  Solid waste management entities must have an approved Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP), or have submitted a complete SWIP for approval. 

Grant Period:  The grant term is one year, starting on April 15 and ending on April 15 the following year.  Grant extensions of up to one-year may be allowed if circumstances warrant.  Any remaining grant award amounts not used during the grant period will be returned to the Solid Waste Management Assistance Fund (SWMAF).

Eligible Projects:  The projects are required to help implement the solid waste planning entity’s SWIP, including:

  • Collection and management of hazardous waste, household hazardous waste (HHW), conditionally exempt generator waste (CEG), special waste, and landfill-banned wastes;
  • Increase waste prevention, waste diversion, reuse, recycling, composting of food/solid waste within the solid waste planning entity;
  • Increase the beneficial use of biosolids and septage; and
  • Unit based pricing plans, buy recycled plans, illegal disposal plans, or other components of the SWIP
  • Tire collection to be sent to a licensed recycling facility.

Ineligible Projects: 

  • Any project related to waste disposal, or use of a waste at a disposal facility (i.e., using solid waste as alternative daily cover or road base material at a landfill).



Cheryl Hamilton



Environmental Technician

Department of Environmental Conservation

Waste Management and Prevention Division


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