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Hazardous Waste Management Program
Green Mountain Power (GMP) 2007 storage facility permit


CVPS Permit
Appendix A - General Information Requirements
Attachment A1 - Topographic Map
Appendix B - Facility Description
Attachment B2 - Design Drawings, Sheet C1
Appendix C - Waste Analysis Plan
Appendix D - Process Information
Attachment D1 - Marking and Labeling of Containers
Attachment D2 - Design Documents and Drawings - Sheet A1a, A1b, A2a, A2b, A3
Attachment D3 - Design Documents and Drawings Sheet S1, S2
Appendix E - Ground Water Monitoring
Appendix F - Procedures to Prevent Hazards
Appendix G - Contingency Plan
Attachment G3 - Site Map
Attachment G8 - Facility Evacuation Routes
Appendix H - Personnel Training
Appendix I - Closure







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