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Hazardous Waste Management Program

Manifest & Taxes



Use of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest is required by the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (VHWMR). Hazardous waste generators, transporters, and treatment, storage and disposal facilities are required to track the movement of hazardous waste from the point of generation to any intermediate points and the ultimate point of disposition. Subchapter 7 of the VHWMR pertains to manifests reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

Manifest Instructions:

Click here for instructions on how to complete the new manifest.   Click here to view a completed sample of the new federal manifest form (EPA Form 8700-22 (Rev. 3-05).    

Permanent and Temporary EPA ID numbers:

The VHWMR requires hazardous waste generators to notify and obtain an EPA ID number by completing the VT Hazardous Waste Handler Site ID form - as specified in Subchapter 1 of the VHWMR.   For assistance, or if you have questions filling out the form please call (802)828-1138 and ask for someone in the Hazardous Waste Management Program.  If you are unsure if your facility has a current Identification number, refer to the WM-ID search engine, search in the Hazardous Waste section.

Temporary EPA ID numbers are typically issued for the following situations: spills, household fuel tank closure, or one-time events.  To apply for a temporary number, complete the Temporary EPA ID number form. Temporary EPA ID number forms can be returned via email to Lynda Joyal at linda.joyal@state.vt.us. Temporary numbers will be active for 90 days (after which time these numbers will become inactive and may not be used on manifest).  For more information regarding EPA ID numbers see: http://www.anr.state.vt.us/dec/wastediv/rcra/handlers.htm.

Vermont Specific Manifest Codes:

In addition to federally listed waste codes, the following wastes are listed as hazardous waste in Vermont: State specific waste codes .   

Vermont Hazardous Waste Tax:

Any person initiating a shipment of hazardous waste in Vermont, who is required to file a manifest, or other similar report, shall be subject to pay hazardous waste tax.  Vermont Statutes, Title 32: Taxation and Finance, Chapter 237 § 10103. Tax imposed; exemptions.  Vermont also has State specific tax codes used to identify reduced tax rates, as well as exempt waste.

New Management Method Codes:

http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/inforesources/data/biennialreport/index.htm The “2013 Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms” booklet (aka the “Biennial Report”) includes revised management method codes which EPA expects all waste handlers to use on their manifests starting  July 1, 2013.


Copies of the manifests shall be distributed as required per the manifest instructions.  It is the generator's responsibility to ensure the State of Vermont receives the "designated facility to generator State" and/or "designated facility to destination State" copies. Vermont does not require additional photocopies to be sent of the initial manifest when it leaves the generation site.


If a generator does not receive a signed copy of the manifest from the designated facility within 35 days of the date the waste was shipped by the initial transporter, he/she is required to contact the transporter and/or designated facility to determine the status of the hazardous waste. 

If a generator does not receive a signed copy of the manifest from the designated facility within 45 days of the date the waste was shipped by the initial transporter, he/she must submit an Exception Report to the Secretary. The Exception Report shall include: (1) a legible copy of the missing manifest for the waste; and (2) a cover letter signed by the generator or his or her authorized representative explaining the efforts taken to locate the waste and results of those efforts. 

Generators can verify that the Waste Management and Prevention Division has received a manifest from the designated facility by using the Waste Management Interactive Database (WMID). We recommend that generators  check manifests quarterly, starting with the previous quarter (as the current quarter's manifest may not be entered).


Contact for manifests and EPA ID numbers:

Linda Joyal, phone: (802) 522-0261, e-mail: linda.joyal@state.vt.us


All manifest forms should be mailed to:

VT Agency of Natural Resources
Waste Management & Prevention Division
1 National Life Drive - Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704


Updated: March 2014









EPA ID# Forms:










VT DEC Waste Management & Prevention Division 1 National Life Drive - Davis 1  Montpelier, VT  05620-3704  Tele: 802-828-1138   Fax: 802-828-1011


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