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Business Waste Reduction


Your business's efforts to reduce waste:

• save energy
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• supply valuable raw sources of energy to industry
• reduce the need for new landfills which are expensive and difficult to site. Presently, Vermont has only two lined landfills.
• prevent the emissions of many air and water pollutants
• stimulate the development of greener technologies
• conserve resources for our children's future

Find helpful information and resources on these pages:

Small Business Compliance Assistance Program: Free and Confidential Comprehensive Environmental Assistance

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation's SBCAP focuses on outreach efforts to businesses to make them aware of new and existing regulations. Assistance is confidential and provided at no cost.

Municipal Compliance Assistance Program: Free and Confidential Environmental Assistance

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation's MCAP was developed to be a resource for municipalities, to help identify and understand state and federal environmental regulations with which they must comply. MCAP operated independetly of the Department's regulatory programs. Assistance servces are provided at no cost to the municipality and are confidential.


Have a food-service establishment? Reduce waste by separating food scraps for composting. Learn more here.

Read Recycling and Vermont's Environment to learn just how much Vermont's efforts protect our natural resources.

Reusing and recycling helps Vermont's economy too. The Recycling Economic Information Study found that the reuse and recycling industry created almost 2,000 jobs in 242 Vermont businesses.

Check out the Reuse Marketplace, a free regional network to find, sell, trade, or give away reusable and surplus items that would otherwise be disposed as trash.

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