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Brownfields Reuse Initiative
Environmental Liability Limitation Program

One impediment to reuse of brownfields is fear of legal liability for pre-existing environmental contamination.  In Vermont, as in other states, owners of contaminated property may be liable for cleanup regardless of whether or not they caused the contamination.  Liability for cleanup can continue even after a property is sold.  Participation in Vermont’s environmental liability limitation program provides a way out of the liability chain and enables redevelopment to proceed knowing that legal and financial risks associated with contamination have been put to rest.


The environmental liability limitation program is established under the Brownfields Reuse and Environmental Liability Limitation Act codified at 10 V.S.A. §6641-§6656 (as seen below).  Participation in the program is open to persons who intend to purchase a brownfield property, as well as persons who already own a brownfield property, provided that they did not cause or contribute to the contamination.

Sections Descriptions
§ 6641 Brownfield property cleanup program; creation; powers
§ 6642 Definitions
§ 6643 Application process
§ 6644 General obligations
§ 6645 Eligibility
§ 6646 Forbearance
§ 6647 Site investigation
§ 6648 Corrective action plan
§ 6649 Amendments to a corrective action plan
§ 6650 Program withdrawal
§ 6651 Implementation of corrective action plan
§ 6652 Certificate of completion
§ 6653 Release from liability; personal release from liability
§ 6654 Brownfield revitalization fund; creation; assistance
§ 6655 State plan for brownfield reclamation
§ 6656 Brownfield advisory committee

For a fill list of sections inder Title 10, Chapter 159, Click Here

Primary benefits of the Program are limitation of environmental liability and access to financial assistance.  Additional incentives are available to persons that enter the Program prior to purchasing a brownfield property.  For purposes of this program, brownfields are generally defined as real property, for which expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the release or threatened release of a hazardous material.


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For additional information about the Program, or to discuss whether your project may be eligible for the Program, contact:


Trish Coppolino
Brownfields Response Program
Waste Management Division
Department of Environmental Conservation
103 South Main Street, West Office
Waterbury, VT  05671-0404


phone:  802-241-3967













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