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Sites Management Section
Guidance Documents

Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Properties Procedure
This is a new procedure which has been developed and released by the SMS of the Waste Management and Prevention Division (WMPD) which incorporates and replaces the former Site Investigation Procedures, Corrective Action Guidance, Agency Guidelines for Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Debris, and the Site Management Activity Completed (SMAC) Procedures.  This procedure has been developed to provide guidance for the investigation and remediation of releases of hazardous materials.  This procedure provides a process that can be utilized for all properties on the State's Active Hazardous Sites List in a manner that is protective of public health and the environment.  This procedure provides information to be used by responsible parties and their consultants to determine what actions are needed to clean up hazardous materials releases and describes considerations for the different human health and environmental receptors which can be affected by a hazardous material release.  New in the IROCP Procedure are Soil Screening Values (SSVs), vapor intrusion (VI) investigation guidance, as well as guidance on sediments, investigation derived waste, and heating oil UST site investigation requirements.  Understanding this procedure will enable a responsible party to know what is required to obtain either a Site Management Activity Completed (SMAC) designation or, for sites enrolled in the Brownfields Re-use and Environmental Liability Limitation Act (BRELLA), a Certificate of Completion (COC).

Effective: April, 2012
Download:(1MB) Click here

Underground Storage Tank Closure and Site Assessment Requirements
Vermont's Underground Storage Tank Regulations require that advance notice be given and environmental site assessment be performed during the closure of most, but not all, USTs. Regardless of whether a particular tank is subject to those requirements, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation strongly recommends performing a site assessment. This document provides guidance for tank closures and site assessment.
Effective: June 2010
Download:(0.12MB) Click here
Reimbursement from the Petroleum Cleanup Fund Procedures
This document provides guidance for owners and operators of underground storage tanks for submittal of claims against the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF). This has been updated from the previous 2004 document. Included in this document is a description of the coverage the PCF provides and the parties who are eligible to receive reimbursement from the fund. It includes a copy of the PCF Request for Reimbursement Form. The PDF version of this document is interactive and includes many helpful links to web pages, pop-up definitions, and links to pages within the document.

Effective: July, 2006
Download:(0.71MB) Click here

Guidance for Construction of Public Works Projects in Areas Where Contamination is Suspected or Known
Many public works projects, such as water and sewer pipelines, encounter areas where there may be subsurface contamination. This document describes planning, site investigation, and construction procedures to be followed and the conditions under which the Vermont State Petroleum Cleanup Fund can be used to fund some of these activities.
Effective: March, 2002
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Other Resources

Improving Site Investigation
*pdf file (Developed by the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA), www.newmoa.org , under a project sponsored by the US EPA Technology Innovation Program, www.epa.gov/tio)
A guide for property owners, buyers and sellers, attorneys, bankers, insurance representatives, and their environmental consultants.

Policies and Procedures Manual for Third-Party Claims Against the Petroleum Cleanup Fund
The Petroleum Cleanup Fund may be used to compensate third parties for bodily injury and property damage resulting from petroleum releases from underground storage tanks. This document describes the types of claims eligible, and outlines the procedure required to submit a claim.

* Documents in PDF format can be viewed on screen, searched and printed. They require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader is available for free from Adobe Corporation web site


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