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Solid Waste Management

Working Group - Compost

(Compost Study Committee H.873)

Meeting Date
10/28/2008 11/19/2008 12/1/2008 12/9/2008 1/6/2009
Agenda Agenda Agenda Agenda * Agenda * Agenda
Minutes * Meeting Minutes * Meeting Minutes * Meeting Minutes * Meeting Minutes * Meeting Minutes
Presentations & Handouts

* Regulatory Structure

* Feedstocks

* Composting Awareness

* Compost Awareness 2


* ACP List

* Areas of Agreement

* Education & Outreach Draft

* Revised Areas of Agreement

*Canadian BSE Paper

* Kansas SRM Paper


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                                                FINAL REPORT

H.145 - An Act Related to Composting

(passed by the legislature May 2009)

Preliminary Draft Compost Rules out for Public Comment

Comments due November 30, 2009 - carey.hengstenberg@state.vt.us



The Vermont Legislature passed Bill H.873 in 2007 requiring the Agency of Natural Resources to convene a solid waste working group to examine all state regulations pertaining to composting and to develop recommendations for the construction, operations and permitting for composting facilities. The working group is required to report to the House committee on fish, wildlife and water resources, the Senate committee on natural resources and the House and Senate committees on agriculture by January 15, 2009.


Some useful reports:

  • Oregon DEQ commercial foodwaste composting study (Tetratek, 2002) -Click Here
  • Oregon literature review of compost leachate (2007) - Click Here
  • The Oregon rule making web page has a lot of interesting links and studies.  They had a compost committee for rulemaking (similar to the H. 873 study group).  All the minutes and meeting info is on-line and the content looks very familiar to ours… Click Here











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