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Moretown Landfill - Online Documents


Cell 2 / Cell 3 Recertification Consent Order 2013 Cell 4 Certification Application
On December 20, 2012, the Program issued an intent to deny letter to Moretown Landfill Inc. (MLI) regarding the pending recertification application for Cell 2 and Cell 3 (see letter below). The opportunity for public comment was provided, ending February 5, 2013. The recertification application and applicable public comments are being reviewed currently in anticipation of issuing a final decision on March 8, 2013.


On September 16, 2013, the State of Vermont Superior Court, Environmental Division entered a Consent Order and Judgment Order pertaining to MLI's appeal of the Agency's March 14, 2013 denial of the Cell 3 Recertification Application.

September 16, 2013 Consent Order

On November 18, 2013, Hodges, Harbin, Newberry & Tribble, Inc. submitted on behalf of MLI, an application for the certification of a new cell (Cell 4).


Cell 2/Cell 3 Recertification Final Decision - March 14, 2013:

Summary of Decision

Factsheet for MLI Users

MLI Customer Information

Final Decision Cover Letter

Final Decision

Consent Order Submittals:

Partial Closure Plan - North Slope of Cell 3

Partial Closure Plan - South Slope of Cell 3

Revised Closure Costs

Cell 3 Odor Maintenance and Preventative Action Plan

Groundwater Feasibility Study December 17, 2013

Odor Plan MLI Response to ANR Comments April 28, 2014

Groundwater Corrective Action Plan May 2014

Cell 3 Partial Closure Plan FINAL May 8, 2014

MLI GW Corrective Action Plan Addendum July 2014

MLI GW Corrective Action Plan Bedrock Wells August 2014

MLI GW Corrective Action Plan Update September 2014

MLI Groundwater Treatement Pilot Assesment March 2015

MLI Site Studies Report March 2015

Final Groundwater Corrective Action Plan April 2015

Closure Period Odor Plan June 2015

Closure Plan July 2015

Odor Plan Version Version 3 August 2015

Closure Plan August 2015

Groundwater Corrective Action Plan August 2015

Cell 4 Certification Application:

An electronic copy (.pdf) of the entire 2013 Cell 4 Certification Application can be found at the link below. Alternatively, hard copies are available for review at the Moretown Town Offices and at the Solid Waste Management Program Office located at 1 National Life Drive in Montpelier:

November 18, 2013 MLI Cell 4 Certification Application (228MB)

MLI's December 3, 2013 Revised Public Notice Plan

MLI's February 2015 Cell 4 Application Withdrawal Letter

MLI's March 17, 2015 Closure Plan and Cover Letter


Public Comments Received:

**please note: several emails within these files make reference to attachments. These attachments can be accessed by clicking the grey paperclip symbol in the upper left-hand column of the pdf document.


Applicable Correspondence:

ANR's January 21, 2014 GW Feasibility Study Response Letter

ANR's Odor Maintenance and Prevention Plan Comment Letter

ANR's Cell 3 Partial Closure Plan Approval Letter May 2014

ANR's GW Corrective Action Plan Response Letter June 2014

Cell 4 Certification Application Review:

The MLI Cell 4 Certification Application was determined to be administratively complete on December 4, 2013. The application is currently under technical review by the Solid Waste Management Program.

MLI's Cell 4 Application Cover Letter

ANR's December 3, 2013 Administratively Incomplete Application Determination

MLI's December 3, 2013 Response Letter (see the revised Plan in the Application Section above).

ANR's December 4, 2013 Administratively Complete Letter

ANR's January 21, 2014 Technically Incomplete Application Letter

ANR's February 2015 Response to MLI's Cell 4 Withdrawal Letter

Cell 2/Cell 3 Final Notice of Intent - December 2012




Cell 2/Cell 3 Final Information Request Letter – November 2012

Moretown Landfill’s November 2012 Response

Response Attachments


Cell 2/ Cell 3 Recertification Application and FMP - September 2012
(96 MB)





Intent to Deny Public Comment Deadline ended on:

February 5, 2013

Extension Letter





(802) 522-5080




(802) 522-5080




(802) 522-5080



Moretown Landfill - Gas and Odor Issues

Pursuant to the September 16, 2013 Consent Order, Items 23 and 24 , MLI has submitted a Cell 3 Odor Maintenance & Preventative Action Plan for control of odors at the facility, which is currently under review by the Program. The Consent Order and resulting submittals are available electronically above.

Chronic Odor Letter – July 2012

Notice of Alleged Violation – November 2012

MLI’s Response to NOAV

Odor Response Hotline Data as of February 11, 2013 (.xlsx Excel File)

Click Here for more Information on the gas-to-energy plant

Moretown Landfill - Site Map and Water Quality Information

Click Here to download an Adobe PDF version of the map.

Map of the Moretown Landfill
Map Legend


Water Quality Reports:

October 2014

June 2014

October 2013

May 2013

October 2012

Cell 2 Certification:



Recent Water Quality Correspondence:

MLI Response to ANR Comments November 2014

ANR Comment Letter to MLI October 2014



This map depicts the 2008 Moretown Landfill design features as well as the surrounding environmental receptors and man-made infrastructure. Monitoring wells are labeled in the map that correspond to the available water quality monitoring data. To view the full resolution map click here for a pdf. If you have any questions regarding the data please contact Ben Gauthier by email:





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