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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Working Group



Solid Waste Working Group Report to the Legislature. 

January 14th, 2009: (Report, Appendix 1)



Section 293b of the 2007 Budget Bill passed by the Vermont Legislature required the Agency of Natural Resources to convene a solid waste working group to examine ANR's Solid Waste Report to the Legislature, January 2008 and to develop proposals and recommendations to implement and improve upon the Report, including best management practices. The working group was not limited to those matters addressed in the Report. The working group was required to report to the House and Senate Committees on Natural Resources no later than January 15, 2009.



The stature requires certain representatives as member of the group, as listed below. 

Members of the Solid Waste Working Group

  • one member of the senate to be appointed by the committee on committees;  Sen. Robert Hartwell
  • one member of the house of representatives to be appointed by the speaker of the house;  Rep. Jim McCullough
  • the secretary of natural resources or his or her designee; Cathy Jamieson of the Solid Waste Management Program
  • two representatives of solid waste management districts; Tom Moreau and Fred Moody with alternates Donna Barlow Casey and Paul Tomasi
  • two representatives of citizens groups involved with solid waste issues; Alyssa Schuren of VT Toxics Action Center with alternate Jessica Edgerly and Tracey Tsugawa of VOCAL.
  • a member of the Vermont league of cities and towns to be recommended by the league:  William Bryant, Town Administrator, Bristol Vermont
  • a representative of an environmental group; Norm Staunton, Director, Association of Vermont Recyclers
  • two representatives of the private solid waste industry in Vermont, one a landfill owner and one a solid waste hauler; John Casella, Casella Waste Management with alternate Karen Flanders and Jeff Myers, Myers Container Services
  • a representative from the business sector; Thomas Jagielski of IBM with alternate Peter Mattos or Reg Beliveau Jr.
  • a third party consultant skilled in solid waste facility design or risk assessment; Paul O’Leary of O’Leary – Burke Civil Assoc.
  • representatives of other interests as added to the group by the secretary.   Erich Kruger of Waste Prevention Steering Committee and ReNew Building Materials and Salvage.  Bob Foster of Composting Association of Vermont.









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