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How does Universal Recycling apply to Vermont businesses?

This page is intended for businesses, food manufacturers, hospitals and assisted living facilities, colleges and universities, correctional facilities, and other large organizations seeking information on how to start planning for Universal Recycling.

With the adoption of the Universal Recycling law (Act 148), Vermont has taken an ambitious step to reduce the amount of material that goes to the landfill. Universal recycling gives all Vermonters the opportunity to keep valuable materials out of the trash by encouraging convenient and consistent services for recycling and composting throughout the state. The Universal Recycling law bans recyclables from being disposed in the trash by 2015, and includes a phased-in ban on the disposal of food scraps, starting with the largest food waste generators in the State.

Vermont businesses and institutions will play a key role in implementing impactful Universal Recycling throughout the state. Because the commercial sector collectively aggregates, produces, and disposes of materials in greater quantities, businesses and organizations will be among the first to be affected by the new law--they will lead the way in innovative management of materials.

Information & Guides

General Info

Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) Letter to Food Scrap Generators (PDF) This letter was sent in 2014 to entities producing commercially significant quantities of food scraps. It was the first "announcement" to businesses and institutions outlining the upcoming requirements of the Universal Recycling law.

Frequently Asked Questions Handout for Businesses and Institutions (PDF)

Managing Food Scraps at Businesses and Institutions (PDF) A short summary of tips and "how-to" for getting on top of food waste management at your organization. See also the recorded webinar below!

Hauling Services and Composting Facilities

Statewide Directory of Food Scrap Haulers (PDF)
Certified Composting Facilities in Vermont (PDF)
Find a Vermont composting facility near you using the Materials Management Map!

Webinar Special: Universal Recycling at Food Establishments

Additional Resources

Visit the Universal Recycling Resources page for links to concepts and outreach ideas on materials management.

Contact your local solid waste management entity.

The features and requirements of Universal Recycling are in addition to any mandates or ordinances enacted by your solid waste management entity (municipality). Identify your local Solid Waste Management Entity (SWME) by clicking on the button to the left, and contact a staff person for specific information.

Access standardized recycling, food scraps, and trash symbols for your business.

The Agency of Natural Resources developed symbols to create an identity for recycling, composting, and trash waste streams. These are symbols that the Agency hopes Vermont residents will be able to identify with as Universal Recycling of mandated recyclables and organics comes into effect. Businesses, haulers, facilities, and education organizations are encouraged to use these symbols in any place where waste bins are located. The projected use of these symbols state-wide will increase consistent labeling and waste systems for Vermonters.

View current Vermont State Landfill Bans. A flyer listing the materials that are banned from landfill disposal by the State of Vermont. Click here.

Please note the new contact information:

New phone numbers: click here

For more information, contact:

Mia Roethlein, Environmental Analyst IV


Call (802) 828.1138
Waste Management & Prevention Division, Solid Waste Program
1 National Life Drive - Davis 1, Montpelier, VT  05620-3704


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