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NEWSVT: Water Quality Monitoring

Welcome to the NEWSVT Landfill informational page.  This page includes a map of the facility showing individual landfill cells, water monitoring wells, surface water sampling locations and water supply wells.  The latest water quality monitoring data, the most recent certification and amendments are available below.  Please contact Jeff Bourdeau if you have questions regarding this facility. 

Click Here to download an Adobe PDF version of the map.

Waste USA Monitoring and Certification Information


Water Quality Reports:

May 2015

October 2014

Down-GradientGroundwater Quality Report:

June 2015

September 2014

Groundwater Monitoring Network:

Groundwater Compliance Wells Work Plan January 2014



NEWSVT Recertification:

Final 2015 Recertification


NEWSVT Application for Recertification:

August 2014 Application


NEWSVT Certification Phase IV:

September 2013 Amendment




Last updated:
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