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Solid Waste Management Program

The solid waste program oversees laws, rules, policies, and planning related to solid waste management in the state. It regulates solid waste management facilities and activities and certifies the state's landfills, transfer stations, haulers, composting, and recycling facilities. The program also provides solid waste technical and financial assistance to towns and solid waste districts and ensures remediation of illegal disposal sites.




"Earth Month."

Act 148 is the new solid waste legislation that focuses on recyclables and organics. 

Find out more about this recent legislation here.

U.S. EPA will post one green tip for your lifetstyle to their blog for each day this month. Click here to receive these tips via e-mail, or connect to the blog by clicking above.

World Environment Day coming in June 2014

Do you have an event in your community that you want to be counted in an international effort to address the environment? Consider hosting your event on World Envioronmental Day. Raise your voice and your effort to represent the part you play in forming our future. Register your event by following the link above, or enter UNEP's "Video-Blog Competition" to get even more involved.


DRAFT Vermont Materials Management Plan: Moving from Solid Waste towards Materials Management - December 2013

This proposed Materials Management Plan (MMP) amends the previous solid waste management plan which was readopted in 2006. The DRAFT MMP includes significant changes to the structure and layout of the previous plan. This DRAFT MMP is based on five material specific chapters and a chapter addressing general planning needs. Each chapter contains tools of action, state goals, and performance standards. The state goals, and performance standards establish deliverables for the planning period that include reporting, outreach and education, and convenience requirements. This DRAFT MMP includes revisions that incorporate recommendations from an ANR solid waste stakeholder group that convened in 2008.

Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Program available February 1 through April 30

Casella Resource Solutions is offering free Agricultural Plastic Product Recycling to all Vermont producers. See the flyer for specific drop-off locations and more information.

Standardized symbols for Universal Recycling in Vermont were unveiled by Secretary Markowitz with the assistance of Main Street Middle School students at a press event on November 13.

Final Report, "Systems Analysis of the Impact of Act 148 on Solid Waste Management in Vermont," Oct 21, 2013

The final report completed by DSM Environmental on behalf of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources incorporates comments collected during the draft and open comments periods of the report development. This report is a data driven analysis of current materials management system in Vermont and includes estimations of the effects of Act 148 on the system. See the Act 148 webpage for more information.

Guidance document for customers of Moretown Landfill searching for alternative drop-off locations.

Vermont's farm digester projects are considered in the February 2013 issue of BioCycle -- an internationally recognized magazine that focuses on composting, renewable energy and sustainability.


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