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Solid Waste Management

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources currently has twenty one procedures in effect which address various aspects of solid waste management. In many instances these procedures were developed to address those areas of the Vermont solid waste management program considered to be less stringent, or more inexplicit, than the RCRA Subtitle D municipal solid waste landfill - Part 258 Regulations. In other instances procedures were developed to attempt to clarify sections of the existing Solid Waste Management Rules, address requirements for specific types of solid waste, or to present a consistent and acceptable approach for a particular element of solid waste landfill siting, design, operation, financial responsibility, closure, or post-closure care.

All procedures are based on promulgated statute and rule. The majority of the procedures are utilized to establish substantive requirements for the certification of a solid waste management facility. Accordingly, the requirements of a procedure are enforceable through the enforcement of the facility certification. Applicants and certification holders should be aware that the versions of the Procedures that were in effect at the time of a specific application or referenced in a specific certification remain applicable. The revised Procedures will be applicable at the time of application for re-certification or will be referenced in the new certification.

The Procedures are summarized in the following table:



Acceptable Uses

Acceptable Uses of Solid Waste Original: 8/4/00
Acceptable Use - Processed Glass Aggregate Acceptable Uses for Processed Glass Aggregate Original: 8/1994
Revised: 7/1996
Revised: 1/2002

Application Fees

The Payment of Solid Waste Certification Application Fees Involving Both Public and Private Co-applicants Original: 8/13/97
Compost - Approved Feedstocks Approved Feedstocks for small facilities registered to operate under the Accepted Composting Practices Original: 3/21/2012
Compost - High Carbon Bulking Agents Defining High Carbon Bulking Agents used in Composting Original: 3/21/2012

Dead Animals

Disposal of Dead Animals Original: 3/12/01
Definitions Definitions for Solid Waste Management Facilities

Original: 7/20/94
Revised: 1/25/95
Revised: 2/21/95
Revised: 2/8/99

Landfills - Airport The Siting of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Proximity to Airports Original: 7/20/94
Landfills - Alternative Daily Cover Approval Of Alternative Daily Cover At Solid Waste Facilities Original: 2/8/99
Landfills - Closure Cost Estimates Closure Cost Estimates For Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Original: 2/8/99
Landfills - Corrective Action Corrective Action and Financial Responsibility for Corrective Action at Solid Waste Landfills Original: 7/20/94
Revised: 1/25/95
Revised: 2/8/99
Landfills - Custodial Care Procedure Transitioning from Post-Closure Care to Custodial Care Original 7/16/2013
Landfills - Design Requirements For Municipal Solid Waste Landfills To Demonstrate Compliance of The Landfill Design with Water Quality Standards Original: 1/25/95
Revised: 2/8/99
Landfills - Drinking Water Sources Minimum Numerical Criteria For The Distance To Drinking Water Sources From Discrete Disposal Facilities Original: 10/12/95
Revised 3/8/97
Landfills - Explosive Gas Explosive Gas Control at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Original: 6/9/94
Landfills - Ground Water Monitoring Ground Water Quality Monitoring and Responses When A Groundwater Standard is Reached or Exceeded at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Original: 6/9/94
Revised: 1/25/95
Revised: 6/29/96
Revised: 2/8/99
Landfills - Indirect Discharge A Combined Solid Waste Certification and Indirect Discharge Permit Original: 3/15/98
Revised: 2/8/99
Landfills - Liquid Waste Disposal Liquid Waste Disposal Restrictions in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Original: 6/9/94
Revised: 2/21/95
Revised: 2/8/99
Landfills - Post-Closure Post-Closure Care and Post-Closure Certification At Solid Waste Landfills Original: 2/8/99
Landfills - Run on/Run Off Requirements for Run On/Run Off Control Systems for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Original: 6/9/94
Landfills - Seismic Events Incorporating Seismic Event Considerations into Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Siting and Design in Vermont Original: 2/16/94
Landfills - Unstable Areas Incorporating Unstable Areas into Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Siting and Design Original: 6/9/94
Medical Waste Regulated Medical Waste Definitions and the Handling and Treatment of Regulated Medical Waste Original: 6/26/01
Septic Stone Disposal of Clogged Septic Stone Original: 6/30/96
Revised: 2/8/99
Unregulated Hazardous Waste Diversion Implementation of 10 V.S.A. 6606c Requirements For Unregulated Hazardous Waste Diversion At Solid Waste Management Facilities Original: 10/13/94
Variance From Solid Waste Management Rules Procedure for Requesting a Variance from the Solid Waste Management Rules Original: 7/15/05


* Documents in PDF format can be viewed on screen, searched and printed. They require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader is available for free from Adobe Corporation web site



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