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Vermont's Recycling & Composting Initiative

Recycling was a simple idea---keep usable materials out of the landfill. But it got complicated. So many people don't bother. With the passing of the Universal Recycling Law, it's easier and more convenient than ever to recycle. You'll find more bins in more public spaces, and all haulers and transfer stations now accept recyclables right where they take your trash.

It's recycling resimplified for Vermont.

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Six things to recycle Vermont recycling stats FAQs
Six things to recycle Vermont Recycling Stats FAQs Find my local district or town

Do you own a business? Run an organization?
See business-specific information on recycling and composting on the business page.

What is Universal Recycling all about?

The Universal Recycling law (Act 148) is Vermont's initative to reduce the amount of waste that goes to our landfills in half. That's right
Universal recycling gives all Vermonters the opportunity to keep valuable materials out of the trash by encouraging convenient and consistent services for recycling and composting throughout the state. The Universal Recycling law bans recyclables from being disposed in the trash by 2015, and includes a phased-in ban on the disposal of food scraps, starting with the largest food waste generators in the State.

What parts of the law that affect residents take effect July 1, 2015?

Specific Universal Recycling changes that are coming to Vermont starting July 1, 2015 include:

  • Recycling services will be offered by haulers and transfer stations, equalizing convenient opportunities to recycle statewide
  • Residential waste collection services will be charged as a bundled fee that includes both trash and recycling services
  • Public spaces will have a recycling container available for every trash container.
  • Six recyclable materials are banned from the landfill including: paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel, glass, and hard plastics (#1 and #2).

Are there outreach materials available?

Yes! In addition to the informational sheets above, there are posters, brochures, and more available at the Vermont Recycling & Composting Initiative public download site. More outreach materials---such as signage for recycling bins--will be uploaded to this download site as they are created.

If you have a question about how to recycle, what can be recycled, and more, please consider the following options:

  • Post your question to the Facebook page so others learn with you! Go to www.facebook.com/VTrecycles
  • Call the Waste Management & Prevention Division switchboard at (802) 828-1138.
  • Contact your local solid waste district or town for local information on recycling options and guidance. Not sure who manages waste locally in your area? Find your district, alliance, or group here.


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