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Underground Storage Tank Program
Operations, Maintenance and Inspections

General Information

UST Inspection List for 2015.  View the facilities that will be inspected this year here

General Requirements for Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks- Find out what rules and regulations apply to your tank

Public Record Posting: 2013-2014 UST Summary Information - A summary of the UST population and activity in Vermont

Installation checklist for Tanks or Piping - For UST contractors to complete and submit if you are replacing or installing a new tank and/or piping

Operating and Maintaining Your Tank—Handbooks and forms to help you stay in compliance

Weekly Electronic Leak Detection Monitoring Log--If you have double-walled tanks/piping, you may use this form to document your weekly tank and piping electronic interstitial monitoring.

Weekly Manual Leak Detection Monitoring Log--If you have double-walled tanks/piping, you may use this form to document your weekly tank and piping manual interstitial monitoring.

Weekly Tank Leak Test Monitoring Log--If you have single-walled tanks, you may use this form to document your weekly tank leak test results.

 Operator Trainin Monthly Inspection Sample checklist-all facilities are to perform an inspection throughout the tank system and check various items and document the results. This form can be use or the A/B operator can create their own but usting this form as a guide


Tank Leak Detection Fact Sheet--Everything you need to know about properly monitoring your tanks for a leak

Leak Detection Check-Up--If you have a Veeder-Root electronic monitoring system, print this helpful reminder and post it near your machine.

Doing Inventory Control Right -VT/ EPA document

UST Operation and Maintenance Manual (ERP workbook) - A reference for the general operation and maintenance of UST system and for self-certification (Same as ERP workbook)

Notice of Alleged Violation (NOAV) Response Form (PDF) - Use this form to respond to an NOAV.

Tank Professionals and Courses—Look here to find a class, contractor or consultant

List of Contractors - For UST repairs, installation, and removal.

List of Cathodic Protection Contractors

 List of Environmental Consultants

Steel Tank Institute List of Courses-Includes Cathodic Protection Certification classes

Tank Closure and Removal Information

2010 UST Closure and Site Assessment Requirements -Guidance document for UST removal and performing site assessments. 

*An important change is contained in this new document:  complete source removal of contaminated soils by over-excavation now must be approved by someone in the Sites Management Section.   The UST Program no longer approves requests to excavate all of the contamination. 

Permanent Closure Form - Complete form on your computer, then print and sign!  Download this form and submit it to the UST Program when removing a UST.

Procedures for Reimbursement from the Petroleum Cleanup Fund

Removing Your Residential Underground Tank - What you must and should do when removing your tank.

UST Loans - Information on loans for removing, installing, and upgrading USTs







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