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Underground Storage Tank Program
Environmental Results Program - Compliance Results

What do we mean by compliance? We mean that at the time of inspection, the UST facility was meeting the requirements for six basic and vital portions of the UST Rules (we refer to these as Indicators). Indicators were selected based on the potential impact or threat of non-compliance; in other words, if being out of compliance with a rule means a release could occur or go undetected, that rule is considered an indicator. For the UST program, there are only six indicators:

1 Required corrosion protection for all tanks and pipes is properly operated and maintained
2 Appropriate leak detection is present for all tanks and piping
3 All leak detection systems are operating properly
4 All required leak detection records are maintained and available
5 Appropriate spill prevention device is present and functional at every tank that requires it
6 Appropriate overflow protection is present and operating for every tank at the facility that requires it

If a facility is not in compliance with any indicator at the time of inspection the facility is out of compliance. We do not count other violations when figuring the compliance rate. For example, not having the permit posted would not be considered out of compliance.

Compliance rate inspections are selected randomly and the sample size is large enough to ensure statistical validity (in our case, 95% confidence with 5% degree of uncertainty).

Baseline compliance inspections were conducted in 2005, and the compliance rate was found to be 68%. Outreach and education was conducted in 2007, and the first round of self-certification was due by 12/31/07. The post-certification compliance rate inspections were conducted in 2008, and the compliance rate found to be 84%, an improvement of 16%. A second round of self-certification was due by 12/31/08, with post-certification inspections conducted in 2009. The compliance rate for 2009 was 81%.



  Compliance Rate # filed on time % on time # of non-filers

% on-line/
electronic filers

% paper filers

2005 68%          
2008 84% 847 77% 28 80% 20%
2009 81% 851 78% 8 96% 4%



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