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Underground Storage Tank Program
Upgraded Underground Storage Tanks List

The following list includes permitted category one underground storage tanks that comply with the standards adopted by the secretary related to corrosion protection, spill prevention, leak detection, financial responsibility or overfill protection. Vermont law (10 VSA §1927) prohibits delivery of any regulated substance to an underground storage tank that does not comply with these standards. Tank not complying with the standards will be red tagged by the Agency.

The owner/operator of the category one underground storage tanks listed must have a valid Operational Permit issued by the Agency. Before delivering product, review the Operational Permit issued by the Agency to the tank owner or operator. If no permit available, do not fill tank, call the UST Program.

Any farm or residential underground storage tank larger than 1100 gallons used to store motor fuel must comply with the same standards but the owner/operator is not required to have a permit. Farm or residential motor fuel tanks must be registered with the Agency. These tanks are not included in the following list and before delivering product, please call the UST Program

Important Notes:

The delivery prohibition only applies to underground storage tanks. Above ground tanks are regulated by the Vermont Department of Public Safety, Fire Prevention Division. The delivery prohibition does not apply to aboveground tanks.
Underground storage tanks that contain heating fuel for on-premises heating and domestic hot water are exempted from these requirements. It is legal to deliver heating fuel to an underground tank of any size that is used to heat a building even if that tank does not meet the standards.
•Underground storage tanks smaller than 1100 gallons and used for motor fuels (gasoline and/or diesel fuel) at farms or private residences are also exempted from these standards. It is legal to deliver motor fuel to a farm or residential underground tank which is less than 1100 gallons, even if that underground tank does not meet the standards, as long as the tank is used for non-commercial purposes.
• It is legal to deliver a regulated substance to the underground tanks that appear on this list provided the fill pipes of those tanks have not been sealed and labeled with a red aluminum tag marked “DO NOT FILL THIS TANK”.

This Tank

The fill pipes of those tanks that do not meet the upgrade standard should be sealed and labeled with a red aluminum tag:
Any fill pipe that is sealed and red tagged may not be filled.

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