Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Ecosystem Restoration Program

(formerly the Center for Clean and Clear)

This Program's mission takes action to accelerate the reduction of sediment and nutrient pollution, such as algae bloom-causing phosphorus, from uncontrolled runoff into our streams, rivers, ponds, wetlands, and lakes.

The Ecosystem Restoration Program provides leadership, financial resources, technical and educational assistance, and a sustained commitment to ensure that Vermont achieves and maintains high water quality standards, healthy and naturally stable rivers, well functioning wetlands, floodplains, and river corridors that can protect against flood impacts, and clean and well-buffered lakes.

DEC Ecosystem Restoration Program
Manager, Ecosystem Restoration Program Kari Dolan 802-490-6113
Environmental Scientist Eric Smeltzer 802-490-6131
Lake Champlain
Project Coordinator
Michaela Stickney 802-490-6117
Environmental Program Technician Heather Bullett 802-490-6112
Stormwater Scientist
Jim Pease 802-490-6116
Environmental Analyst Rick Hopkins 802-490-6115
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