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Photo of a forest floor.

Science on the Green
October 12, 2006

After the Green 2006

Held for the first time in Autumn of 2006, Science on the Green was designed to offer Vermont teachers and students a daylong exploration of science, the environment, and how all the small things we do, taken together, make a BIG difference. The Department, headquartered at the State Office Complex in Waterbury, invited teachers, school-aged students, and the general public to join DEC staff in celebrating the environment. The agenda covered a broad spectrum of environmental issues, provided hands-on opportunities to learn about them, and highlighted the role of science in environmental protection.

The workshops were specifically designed to empower young people to take action in their schools in local communities by offering practical recommendations for things each of us can do to be
good environmental citizens.

“It was a very special day for us. Please let me know if you ever need teachers to work on such programs. I'd love to be a part of that!”

“The thing I was impressed with was the total commitment from the presenters. I’ve never been to an event where the presenters were so enthusiastic. Also, my students are into the no-waste lunch routine now here at school. It’s great. Thank you for putting on such a terrific day. The music was so cool at the end!!!!”

2006 Science on the Green
Event Statistics

Number of Schools in Attendance: 16

Number in Attendance: 424 students, plus approximately 85 teachers and chaperones

Number of Field Trips Offered : 3

Number of Different Workshops Offered : 19

Graphic: lunch box. Waste-Free Lunch: Generated 13 pounds of trash (about  .4 ounce average for each attendant) plus a number of containers that were either redeemable or recyclable, and a small amount of compostable organics.

After a welcome from John Sayles, the students participated in three 45 minute workshops excepting those students who were part of one of three field trips planned for the WSI Landfill, Waterbury Flood Control Dam or the Waterbury Wastewater Treatment Plant.  All students returned to the Green for a Waste Free Lunch, and environmentally conscious music provided by DEC staff. 

Photo: Students checking out an electric vehicle.

Graphic: Recycle triangle.

“Thank you for a fantastic and long lasting memory day. We all enjoyed learning and meeting so many people. The kids especially enjoyed the musical entertainment.”

Photo mosaic of Science on the Green events.


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