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2009 Science on the Green fieldtrip and Workshop choices

Late September 2009 marked the 4th anniversary for Science on the Green in Waterbury.  Back for its second year, there was an alternate date and event in southern Vermont. Science at the Hatchery at the Pittsford National Fish Hatchery in North Chittenden, VT.

Waterbury: 2009's events were aimed at the 4-8th grade level. Field trips were off-site in or near Waterbury and were the full morning activity. In Waterbury on the grounds of the State Office Complex , focused sets of three workshops for a particular area of study were also offered.

Field Trips & Focused Studies in or near Waterbury:

  • Ben & Jerry's Factory & Wastewater Facility Tour
  • Geology Hike
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Tour
  • Wonderful Water Critters
  • Mountain Biking
  • Monitoring Vermont Waters
  • The Science & Art of Trail Maintenance
  • The Waste Cycle
  • Vermont Waterways, How Water Flows in Vermont
  • A Tour of the Waterbury Drinking Water System
  • Waterbury Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • The Fate of Hazardous Materials
  • Journey By Water
  • Wildlife Habitat and Management
  • Alien Invaders
  • Backyard Climate Change...DO Try This at Home
  • Don't Treat Your Soil Like Dirt
  • You Are What You Drink
  • Vermont Streams: Fish-Eye View

Pittsford Fish Hatchery: In 2009, the second year of Science at the Hatchery, VT-ANR presented a series of focused workshops at the Pittsford National Fish Hatchery. This location lends itself well as a site for the dedicated professionals at the Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the USFS to provide focused workshops on important environmental aspects, including topics in Fisheries Management, Stream Ecology and Water Supply. Listed below are descriptions of the various topics/workshops that were presented. Each class participated in 3 activities, including the Fish Hatchery tour.

Focused Workshops at the Pittsford Fish Hatchery:

  • USFWS Fish Hatchery Tour
  • Water and the Land - The Flume Model
  • Groundwater Hydrogeology Modeling
  • Stream Ecology Hike
  • Electro Fishing
  • A Tour of the Proctor Drinking Water System - Water Source Area & Treatment Fieldtrip
  • Stream Ecology - Macro invertebrate ID
  • Project WET Activity - The Incredible Journey
  • Forestry
  • Wetlands
  • Soils
picnic lunch

Noontime: In both Waterbury and Pittsford - Environmentally Responsible Lunch Recycling and compost bins were made available and solid waste was collected and analyzed for waste prevention and reduction opportunities

1:00 Bus Departure

Science on the Green Contact Information:

Rebecca Phelps

802-583-7502 Rebecca.Phelps@state.vt.us
Rob Farley 802-371-7616 Rob.Farley@state.vt.us

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3901


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