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The Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has adopted the revised Riparian Buffer Guidance (12/09/05) and has issued associated Riparian Buffers and Corridors Technical Papers. These documents and other related information can be requested from the address provided below or found on this web page (below). The Guidance is for use by Agency staff in establishing Agency recommendations and testimony in the Act 250 process; and assisting applicants in designing Act 250-regulated projects that incorporate appropriate buffer zone widths for protecting riparian functions. More detailed technical information on the functions and values of riparian corridors is included in the series of Technical Papers. The Guidance supports and reflects current ANR staff actions and recommendations in Act 250 cases; it does not present a change in Agency approach in Act 250.

ANR Riparian Buffer Guidance - December 9, 2005   (30 page PDF*)

ANR Riparian Buffers and Corridors Technical Papers - 2005   (43 page PDF*)

Responsiveness Summary for Comments Received on January 2005 Riparian Buffer Guidance Document  (13 page PDF*)

On January 20, 2005 the Agency of Natural Resources Riparian Buffer Guidance was signed by then-Secretary McLain. A number of informal comments were received by the Agency after release of the Guidance. As a result Secretary Torti decided to seek additional public input, while allowing the January 2005 Guidance to remain in-place. Secretary Torti emphasized that all comments, whether written or verbal, would be duly considered and incorporated, as appropriate, into a revised Guidance.

Between mid-May and mid-July public comment was received on the ANR Riparian Buffer Guidance. Comments were solicited through direct mailings to interested persons; a public meeting; several small focused meetings; and the Agency and Department's websites. The Responsiveness Summary documents and provides outcomes for all submitted comments. The revised Riparian Buffer Guidance results from consideration of these comments.

For additional information please contact:

Agency of Natural Resources
Office of Planning and Legal Affairs
1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3901

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