Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division coordinates the use of office automation tools and innovative, electronic information management technologies such as secure network connectivity, geographic information systems (GIS), document management, and database management.  It is comprised of three sections.

The Management Section develops IT plans and budgets, manages IT personnel actions, implements system security policies, and pursues special projects.

The Systems Support Section maintains system connectivity for central, regional, and remote office staff members, and provides day-to-day technical support for system users.

The Application Development Section manages the development of geographic information system (GIS) data and applications, coordinates the development of Agency web sites and webpages, and supports database application development.

ANR Information Technology Division
Mark Garrand 802-279-7728
Peter Telep 802-522-3431
Kevin Bracey 802-498-7276
Kristopher Kirby 802-595-9718
Aaron Andrus 802-498-7355
Erik Engstrom 802-595-1939
Jeff Kahn 802-595-5379
Ryan Knox 802-729-0079
Steve May 802-377-5830
Cameron McCormack 802-595-9378
Siobhan Perricone 802-595-9611
Tim Phillips 802-595-9427
Guy Picard 802-595-2185
James Rogers 802-498-7873
Matt Roy 802-279-8384


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