When Governments Cooperate - State Government Municipal Day 2014
A Day of Workshops for Vermont's Local Officials
Monday March 31, 2014
at the National Life Building in Montpelier

Workshop Presentation Documents

Thanks to all who joined us for State Government Municipal Day 2014. We have included links to the presentations below. We encourage you to share this information with others in your organizations. If you have additional questions, your registration packets include the contact information of your presenters. Thank you again for attending!

Workshop Session 3 (1:00 – 2:00 pm)

12. Better Backroads, Cleaner Water, Healthy Communities: Integrating Action, Funding, Rules, and Common Sense to Reduce Roadway Pollution to Vermont Waters

Presentation Documents:
Workshop12Part4 - Better Back Roads
8596 PDF

Unpaved roadways in Vermont contribute a significant amount of sediment and phosphorus to surface waters.  New research indicates that specific Best Management Practices significantly reduce pollution from entering waterways.  Getting there requires funding, guidelines, and creativity.  The existing Vermont Better Backroads Program (VBBR) and Road and Bridge Codes and Standards provide some of this overarching support.  Several innovative ideas under consideration will further develop an integrated framework to enhance roadways and improve water quality.
Presenters:  Beverley Wemple (UVM), Alec Portalupi (VTrans), Michaela Stickney (DEC), Alan May (VTrans), and Kari Dolan (DEC)

13. Natural Resource Inventories:  A Focus on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species

Presentation Documents:
Workshop13 - Natural Resource Inventories
6856KB PDF

In this session, participants will understand the range of options and practical considerations in coordinating a town-wide natural resource inventory, and integrating that inventory into the town’s planning framework. Participants will then get more detail on how to access, understand and work with the Heritage Database of rare threatened and endangered species and significant natural communities, as an important component of an inventory to be considered in town planning for natural resources.
Presenters:  Eric Sorenson (F&W), and Everett Marshall (F&W)

14. Universal Recycling Law:  Everything Your Town and Citizens Need to Know

Presentation Documents:
Workshop14 - Universal Recycling Law: Act 148
2146 PDF

Vermont’s recycling has stagnated in the past decade with a recycling rate of only 30 to 35%. Currently, over half of what we throw away could be recycled or composted. With that in mind, in 2012 the legislature passed a far-reaching solid waste law requiring statewide recycling by July 2015, and the diversion of all organic material, including food scraps from landfills, by July 2020. In this workshop you will learn how the new law will be phased in over the coming years, and what it will require of your municipality and your citizens.  Topics include: unit based pricing, impact on schools, solid waste district resources, parallel collection, food scrap collection and facilities, new business development and job growth as a result of needed infrastructure. Infrastructure needs include things such as facilities (both anaerobic digesters and composting facilities), food scrap & yard debris haulers, food rescue partnerships, and local options for education on food waste reduction and home recycling and backyard composting practices.
Presenters:  Bryn Oakleaf (DEC), Josh Kelly (DEC), Mia Roethlein (DEC) and Faith Ingulsrud (ACCD)

15. Getting a Permit:  What your Town Needs to Know about Wetlands, Stormwater, Lakes and Ponds

Links to Presentation Information Web Sites:
Workshop15Part1of3 - Wetland Permits
Workshop15Part2of3 - Stormwater Permits
Workshop15Part3of3 - Lakes and Ponds Permits

This workshop will provide an overview of the State permits required to protect surface water resources in your community. With 17 major river basins in Vermont ultimately draining to the St. Lawrence, Hudson, or Connecticut Rivers, taking care of business by protecting water resources in our communities is how we can ultimately clean up these larger water bodies.  Come learn about our permitting process and how the permits apply to projects in your community.
Presenters:  Jenna Calvi (DEC), Ryan McCall (DEC), Danielle Owczarski (DEC), and Susan Warren (DEC)

5c. Vermont's Ecology & Environment:  An Introduction to Town Planning for Natural Resources (A Four-Part, Hands-on Workshop)

No Presentation Documents for Workshop 5c

In this four-part workshop, participants will learn important context and scientific concepts involved in planning for natural resources. This course will expose participants to the full suite of issues at play for natural resources planning, from forests and wildlife to floodplains and climate change. Presentations on Context, Scale, and Whole Communities are interspersed with interactive hands-on activities that make this an intensive and exciting training.
Presenters: Jens Hilke (F&W), Danielle Fitzko (FPR), Ethan Swift (DEC), Rebecca Pfeiffer (DEC), and Alison Thomas (F&W)
Note: This is a four part workshop.


AAFM  Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
ACCD  Agency of Commerce and Community Development
ANR  Agency of Natural Resources
DEC  Department of Environmental Conservation
DOH  Vermont Department of Health
DPS  Department of Public Safety
FPR  Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation
F&W  Department of Fish & Wildlife
PSD  Public Service Department
NRB  Natural Resources Board
USDA US Department of Agriculture
VTrans  Vermont Agency of Transportation
You can find a comprehensive list at: http://governor.vermont.gov/contact-us


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