When Governments Cooperate - State Government Municipal Day 2014
A Day of Workshops for Vermont's Local Officials
Monday March 31, 2014
at the National Life Building in Montpelier

Workshop Presentation Documents

Thanks to all who joined us for State Government Municipal Day 2014. We have included links to the presentations below. We encourage you to share this information with others in your organizations. If you have additional questions, your registration packets include the contact information of your presenters. Thank you again for attending!

Workshop Session 4 (2:10 – 3:30 pm)

16. Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI):  Innovative Solutions to Stormwater Woes

Presentation Documents:
Workshop16 - LID and GSI
4895KB PDF

Stormwater runoff is a mounting concern in Vermont, sparking much debate about how we manage flows generated from impervious surfaces throughout the state.  Across the country, conventional methods of stormwater management are being eschewed for alternative systems that use natural processes to mimic pre-development hydrology.  Slowly but surely, Vermont is moving in the same direction.  This workshop will explore LID principles and GSI practices; how they are being used to effectively manage stormwater runoff, how they may play a role in the future of the stormwater management in Vermont, and why municipalities should encourage and promote their use through effective and flexible bylaws.
Presenters:  Justin Kenney (DEC) and Ryan McCall (DEC)

17.  Prepare for and Prevent Disasters in Your Town

Presentation Documents:
Workshop17Part1of3 - Debris 1837KB PDF
Workshop17Part2of3 - Spills 7478KB PDF
Workshop17Part3of3 - MiddleburyRR 613KB PDF

Learn about the tools, technical assistance and grants that are available to your town to help you plan for and mitigate the impacts of future disasters in your town, and how ANR can assist in disaster recovery.   Learn about the new Above Ground Storage Tank rules, grants that are available for upgrading tanks, technical capabilities of the DEC Spill Response and the Vermont HazMat Response Teams, the Petroleum Cleanup Fund, and the response and recovery functions of ANR when disasters do occur.  Have you ever asked what I should do with all the debris that is left behind?  Learn what you can do to plan in advance for such events.
Tim Cropley (DEC), Chuck Schwer (DEC), Marc Roy (DEC), Buzz Surwilo (DEC), and Ben Rose (DPS)

18. Saving Taxpayer Dollars through Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Projects

Presentation Documents:
Workshop18Part1of3-Clean Energy Fund
Workshop18Part2of3-Reducing Energy Costs
Workshop18Part3of3-Funding EV Stations

Get a low-interest loan for public charging stations for electric cars, develop a community solar project, save money by retrofitting your buildings, and implement other energy savings practices. This workshop will let you know how to make the most of available programs to help your town and your citizens save money and energy.
Billy Coster (ANR), Anne Margolis, (PSD), and representatives from VEDA and VEIC.

19. Everyone Needs Clean Water to Drink: Protect Your Town’s Groundwater Resources and Be Prepared for the Future

Presentation Documents:
Workshop19 - Clean Drinking Water
7696KB PDF

This workshop will help you understand the tools available to you to protect the groundwater resource in your community so that you can ensure that clean water will be available for drinking into the future. When you identify areas in your town that are suitable for public water supplies you can plan your town’s future development. In addition to introducing you to some of the regulatory tools available for protecting groundwater, this workshop will explain how the Vermont Geological Survey conducts groundwater resource and recharge area mapping and the geology that informs source water protection.
Presenters:  Larry Becker (DEC), Rodney Pingree (DEC), Jon Kim (DEC) and Gail Center (DOH)

5d. Vermont's Ecology & Environment:  An Introduction to Town Planning for Natural Resources (A Four-Part, Hands-on Workshop)

No Presentation Documents for Workshop 5d

In this four-part workshop, participants will learn important context and scientific concepts involved in planning for natural resources. This course will expose participants to the full suite of issues at play for natural resources planning, from forests and wildlife to floodplains and climate change. Presentations on Context, Scale, and Whole Communities are interspersed with interactive hands-on activities that make this an intensive and exciting training.
Presenters: Jens Hilke (F&W), Danielle Fitzko (FPR), Ethan Swift (DEC), Rebecca Pfeiffer (DEC), and Alison Thomas (F&W)
Note: This is a four part workshop.

20. In the Computer Lab: BioFinder

Presentation Documents:
Workshop20-BioFinder 3900KB PDF

This hands-on session will teach participants to use the BioFinder online mapping tool biofinder.vermont.gov to access information on Vermont’s biological diversity. The interface is the same one used by ANR’s Atlas so most of the tools are the same ones covered in the “ANR Environmental Atlas”sessions, but the BioFinder site includes a few tools specifically designed to work with the BioFinder data, moving back and forth between a “Tiered Contributions” dataset, and the 21 component datasets that it is composed of. BioFinder is specially designed to assist in land-use planning, large-scale development review and all manner of academic and scientific work related to biodiversity.
Presenter:  Eric Sorenson


AAFM  Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
ACCD  Agency of Commerce and Community Development
ANR  Agency of Natural Resources
DEC  Department of Environmental Conservation
DOH  Vermont Department of Health
DPS  Department of Public Safety
FPR  Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation
F&W  Department of Fish & Wildlife
PSD  Public Service Department
NRB  Natural Resources Board
USDA US Department of Agriculture
VTrans  Vermont Agency of Transportation
You can find a comprehensive list at: http://governor.vermont.gov/contact-us


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