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The Office of Planning and Legal Affairs coordinates Agency policy positions in relation to other state agencies, federal agencies and outside stakeholders.

The Office also works with Counsel for the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation in representing the Agency in proceedings before the Environmental Court, the Public Service Board, and the Natural Resources Board. These proceedings include: (1) Appeals of Agency actions such as the issuance or denial of permits, Appeals of Act 250 permits (2) the review of proposed projects seeking an Act 250 permit, and (3) the review of proposed projects seeking a certificate of public good before the Public Service Board.

In addition, members of this Office provide case management for large, complex projects in the Act 250 / Section 248 process, including but not limited to managing timelines for submittals and Agency responses; coordinating intra-Agency discussion of the impacts of a project; and mediating disputes with the applicant, members of the public, and state and federal officials with regard to a project.

Office of Planning and Legal Affairs Staff
ANR General Counsel Jennifer Duggan 802-828-1294
Senior Environmental
Litigation Attorney
Judith Dillon 802-595-2585
Litigation Attorney
Donald Einhorn 802-249-1720
Land Use Attorney Elizabeth Lord 802-249-1904
Senior Planner & Policy Analyst William Coster 802-595-0900
Paralegal Beverly Smith 802-828-1295
Regulatory Policy Analyst Jennifer Mojo 802-923-6647
Regulatory Policy Analyst Karin McNeill 802-505-0396
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As of July 1, 2015, Act 57 Exiting the ANR web site, Sec. 17, established a new fee for certain Certificate of Public Good applications. The fee is intended to support in part the Agency of Natural Resource's engagement in the Public Service Board process and will be paid directly to the ANR. Additional information and a fee calculator can be found on the Certificate of Public Good Application FEE FORM (247KB PDF). Please complete this form and provide a copy to the PSB and ANR as part of your application.
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