If you've cracked open this document, you probably know something already about the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Even if you know very little about our Agency, however, a quick read of this publication will provide you with a firm understanding of what we do at the Agency, what our major challenges are today, and what we intend to do to meet those challenges in the next five years. This 24-page plan opens with a summary of why and how it was developed and an introduction to the terms we use here. The four following sections focus on the Agency’s four comprehensive goals. It closes with an overview of how we intend to implement the strategies stated in this plan.

The Agency encompasses four departments. The great majority of our work is accomplished through the departments, and each department has its own strategic plan which enunciates in more detail how we will carry out our work. As you read through this plan, you'll see four icons which will refer you to department plans that contain more information about specific topics. As you might expect in this Agency strategic plan, many of the strategies transcend a single department. In many instances, the responsibility for acting on a strategy is shared.

As Vermonters, we know we're fortunate to live in a special place, a state renowned for its beauty, community spirit, and hard-working citizenry. We at the Agency of Natural Resources are proud to be stewards of our state's environment; we believe we play an important role in making Vermont a wonderful place to work, play, and live. I encourage you to take a few moments to read the sidebars that provide just a few examples of the ways we help maintain Vermont's outstanding quality of life while striving to achieve our Agency's goals.

John Kassel, Secretary
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
January 2000